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November 11th, 2009, 4:48 pm


Questions about Joseph and Yusra

Because of the nature of this story I get a lot of questions about it. The comic is still in its early stages so there are some things I have to explain late. However here are some questions I’ve received about the story so far. I’m neither Muslim nor Jewish so questions are good because it helps me cross-check how I depict the characters.

If you have any questions about the story or me just ask

Isn’t Yusra too young to wear a hijab?

In the beginning when Yusra was 4/5 she was wearing a hijab. She looked up to her mother a lot and wore it because her mom wore one. She didn’t even comprehend why she was wearing it. She was just one of those kids who was like.. ‘well.. mom does this and I wanna be like her’

Why did her aunt say only married women wear hijabs? Isn’t it suppose be once a girl goes through puberty?

Ok this was interesting to explain. Crazy lazy asked this one. Muna had to explain it to Yusra like that or else she would be seen as a Muslim hyprocrite. Muna’s a liberal Muslim and doesn’t wear head scarfs, and doesn’t believe she needs to wear one until she’s married. I’ve done research on the hijab and when you wear one is a cultural thing and totally up to the individual. Muna in a way was addressing the previous question, Yusra didn’t need to wear a head scarf at a young age but she did anyway because it reminded her of her mom.

On Page 14 What does the Arabic writing say in the first panel?

The Arabic writing means ‘My friend’

Do Joseph and Yusra fall in love??

LOLZ NOT TELLING XD I’m on the fence with that one. All I can say is Joseph Yusra respect each other and wouldn’t want to go outside of their beliefs, for their own feelings. Especially Joseph he respects Yusra too much.


What is your religion?

Christian, by baptism but I’m not very religious. I read Tarot cards (which are pagan) and believe in spiritual energies and how things relate to the Universe in general. However, I quite personally don’t like to pin myself to one religion because I think every religion has something important to it. It’s just the little details and variety of laws that screw everyone over O_o; ‘Love thy neighbor as you love yourself’ Simple rule everyone should follow, that’s what I believe.

Are Joey and Yursa based off of any real life inspiration?

Hmm they must be. I mean these two just came out of nowhere from my subconscious. I seem to be fascinated by the idea of a forbidden love or two people who aren’t suppose to be friends.. well being friends O_o;. It’s not just about religious differences it could be race, social status, politics and whatever other issue divides us. Let's all get together and be happy ^.^


What’s up with Yusra’s special power, I thought the story was going to be about real life?

Lolz XD another story spoiler that I can’t explain yet. I tossed that in there because of the controversy between Yusra and Joseph. Although the story deals with real life issues it also has a fantasy side to it. That way, it wouldn’t be taken too seriously. I feel the need to emphasize the idea that this story is a fiction so any hardcore religious conservatives won’t take my head off for putting a Muslim girl and Jewish boy together. Also the telepathy between Joseph and Yusra is what made their bond, practically unbreakable. Also her ability is a metaphor for something, but I can't explain it now because I haven't explained her power yet.

Hey you! Why’d you cop out! I wanted to see them growing up!?

Yes I did cop out ;A; during the time jump. I admit. Since I’m putting pressure on my deadlines I end up cutting out some things. Also, I’m trying not to make the story drag on too long or else I might drop it like the rest of my project. Hopefully when I publish the first book I’ll add in some extra pages. ^_^;; I may do a sequence of them growing up on a double page.

Those two are so funny XD *sigh* but the stigma of those two connecting*shakes head*

Yeah that’s the controversy of the story O_o; but then it wouldn’t be as compelling if not. As I said it’s their telepathy that has kept them together, otherwise they may have 'broken up' by now. They know they’re taking a big risk being friends, and run the risk of falling in love. However, as I said. I don’t know what’s going to happen muwahaha. I’ve had a couple of people tell me ‘TO HOOK THEM UP’ and some say ‘DO NOT WANT!’ xd still deciding.

Joseph’s life seems kind of orthodox? What kind of Jew is he?

Joseph is some odd mix between Reform and Conservative.

Why is Yusra playing a guitar? Isn’t music a haram in Islam?

I was on the fence with that one too. I always wanted her to play music and sing because Yusra’s kind of a loner and it seemed to suit her. I also personally love the guitar *w* Then I learned about the haram thing and I was. Oh serious.. shit -__-;; so changed my mind on that. But then I was doing some research and I came across this young Muslim girl on Youtube playing a song on her guitar. She aspired to be a musician, 17years old… Sadly she was a victim of an honor killing last year (That happened here in the US not even in a Muslim country) I don’t know if it was because of the music or not, but it was the same typical honor killing story, becoming too westernized bullshit. So I got inspired again and decided to have Yusra play guitar in memory of that girl. ;___; Depending on how conservative you are. I'll leave that up to debate.

What is up with Mary the nun!?
Lolz that's a spoiler that needs explaining later. But all I can say she has some mental issues, with a lot of secrets.

Someone commented on one of my past News post asking 'Hey what about the author!' Lolz XD If you're reall interested I'll talk aboutmyself later.

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April 8th, 2010, 7:02 am

ArabMuslimah (Guest)

Sorry, but, I just want to inform you about music in Islam. D:
Music containing sensual, pagan, unethical themes or subliminal messages are forbidden in Islam. This is actually true. Music is not forbidden in Islam, however, there are certain types of music Muslims should try to avoid.
So, yeah. I just wanted to clarify this. Sorry for being a nuisance. ;^;
Oh and before I end this message, I have an interesting fact, Jews are not a Muslim's enemy and that's a fact because the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, married a Jewish women. Nowadays, people are just hating them because of the Israel/Palestine war.
So yeah. I apologize again but I just don't want people to get the wrong message.
Have a lovely day!

P.S. Wonderful story you got there. I can really relate to it ;P (can't wait for more D: )
And with that, I'm off! :D

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April 22nd, 2012, 3:41 pm

Erik (Guest)

Having stimulated aemdnd you can't get the chocolate anywhere!! I have have been waiting for a delivery for ages and now the stuff is turning up on Ebay. Great idea, really want some, just ordered

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